You did it! Finally, you dared to give your two-week notice and now are in your last few work days. You were sure that the hardest part of the process was over until you were asked to do an exit interview. No need to freak out, here are some of the questions to expect.

  1. Why are you quitting your current role?

As you may have already imagined, this is likely to be a key question. Your employer wants to know the reason behind your move of packing your lockers and leaving their company. Your answer will help the employer determine whether there are shortcomings in the role that requires fixing and whether what made you quit can be resolved.

  1. Did you feel qualified enough to handle the job well?

Your employer wants to know how qualified you felt, and this question is an ideal way of determining that. It may seem quite strange to air your grievances about unhelpful technology, a competitive team or lack of training, but remember that this information will assist the employer to improve. Do not sugar-coat it. The HR department is aware that you are leaving because of some challenges. Therefore, say it as it is.

  1. What did you like most about your job?

The company wants to understand what made you look forward to the next workday. It could be anything; from your team members to happy hours, or even a task you loved the most. Your answer will assist your employer to expand on the positives.

  1. How was the relationship with your manager like?

How you relate to your boss is an influential aspect of your daily work life. Therefore, the company wants to find out about the bad and good. Prepare to offer suggestions on how the manager can improve. While giving your answer, refrain from being rude or abusive. You still need to maintain your reputation.