At some point in our careers, we are faced with challenging career choices. One of them is when you are not satisfied with a job offer, and you feel the need to bargain. While every situation is unique, specific general rules always apply. Here are a few rules to guide you in your discussion.

1. Convince them you deserve what you are asking
Your employer ought to trust that you are worth the offer you want. Do not let the proposal speak for itself; instead, tell a story that goes with it. Let’s say you want a salary raise. Do not just state the desire; explain with precision why you deserve it. Avoid suggesting that you are more valuable than the rest as this might make you seem arrogant.

2. Relate to the person across the table
No company will ever negotiate. It is people who do. Before influencing the person sitting opposite you, you should take time to understand them first. What are the individual’s interests and concerns? For instance, negotiating with a manager is more difficult than with an HR representative. You can easily pester an HR with the tiny details, but you cannot afford to annoy your manager with petty demands.

3. Never underestimate the essence of likability
However basic this may sound, it is vital. Nobody will fight you if they like you. Anything you do on the negotiation table that makes you less likable will reduce the chances of a better offer. Achieving this goes beyond politeness. It is requesting consideration without seeming greedy while being persistent without sounding like a nuisance.

4. Understand their constraints
Although they like you, it is not guaranteed that they will give you a better bargain. Why? They have particular ironclad constraints that no kind of negotiation can loosen. Your task is to figure out where they could be flexible and where they cannot adjust. For instance, if it is a large firm that is taking over 30 employees at a go, the salary caps will not allow them to give you higher pay than the rest.