There is a lot of outdated and false information about career growth there. If you have believed these urban legends, there is a possibility that you are stalling in your career. It is the high time you drop these relics and focus on taking advantage of the career opportunities that you can access.

Myth 1: Leadership skills develop naturally over time
While you might be a pro at the technical details of your job, lacking leadership skills means that you will not survive when you are given a managerial role. Managerial skills do not appear magically; one must work on developing them. Leadership skills require constant nurturing, and you can consult your supervisor to enable you to set up a new set of skills and boost your confidence.

Myth 2: You must perfectly fit all the job requirements before applying
You find the perfect job you have been waiting for for years, only to discover that the company wants someone with ten years’ experience, yet you have seven. Should you apply or just leave it? Many candidates missed out on amazing career opportunities simply because they failed to apply because they lacked one or two of the requirements.

Myth 3: Working long hours in the office will get you promoted
Your boss wants to see progress and not dark circles under your eyes. So, do not assume that spending a lot of time in the office in the name of ‘face time’ will please your employer. Staying longer in the office than you should only amount to neglecting your health, your family, your friends, and your social life.

Myth 4: Follow your passion only
Many people say that if you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Well, it turns out that these people are wrong. What you love today and feel like it’s your passion can quickly become the opposite when a deadline is due or you meet an insensitive client.