Whether you have been working the same job for ten years or you have switched companies a few times, understanding where you are is an important aspect of career success. You should make it a habit to evaluate how you are doing at every stage of your career. That way, you will figure out new ways to hone your skills and perform better.

Question 1: What?
It is the first step to understanding and clarity. When searching for a job, many people want to seem confident. Therefore, they fail to ask for adequate details about what the job is like. Once they start working, they are surprised at the new details that emerge and can do very little about it since they are already working on the job. Do not shy away from asking things like how much independence you will have, the reporting time, and what you will be doing exactly.

Question 2: Could we at least?
Make it a habit to ask this question every time, not just at work but also at home and at the store. The question will give you an opportunity to predict how everything will turn out. If you wait until the last minute while hoping that you have the perfect plan, you might be shocked to know that what you have is nowhere near perfection.

Question 3: How can I help?
First, make sure that the offer is sincere. Do not ask simply for the sake of asking. When you ask your boss or colleagues at work how you can ease their work, you will learn more and they might appreciate you more too.

Question 4: I wonder if?
Sometimes you limit your capability by not considering all your skills and talents. Considering all possibilities within your power is a great way of landing new roles. Do not allow yourself to be stuck at your status quo because the opportunities out here are endless.