Whether you have been working for the past year or ten years, you should constantly evaluate your skills and work on the areas that require improvement. That way, you will know if your current job is a right fit for you or whether you should find another role. Here is how to assess your career skills.

1. Reflect on the job description
The first step is to make a list of the skills that the job you are eyeing requires. Check the job description and pinpoint the hard skills such as fluency in a foreign language. When you write all your hard skills, make sure you dwell on the specifics. For instance, if you are describing your proficiency in excel skills, talk about the tools you have mastered.

2. Consider the soft skills
Now you should go beyond your technical knowledge and focus on the skills that aren’t taught in a classroom. Soft skills include leadership, analytical thinking as well as verbal and written communication. Think about how you have managed to apply these skills, whether at your workplace or otherwise. Have you stood out as a team player?

3. Request for feedback
Talk to your former managers, supervisors, and colleagues and ask them for an honest review of your skills. Ask them to tell you the skills they found you to possess that made you an excellent performer.

4. Look out for job postings in your industry
Once you have a comprehensive grasp of your skills, it is time to put them in action and apply them to the companies that are currently hiring. You can do this by checking job postings, especially from organizations and companies that are at the top of your industry. Notice the skills that show up often and ensure that you highlight them on your cover letter and resume.